Trompe L'Oeil Paintings by Michael James Riddet

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OIL ON CANVAS BOARD image approx. 15" x 21"

A GREAT FIND After 50 years
It does not happen very often that an artist finds one of their long lost works after a half century. When it does happen it is usually in an auction or gallery far away. Last week(November 2015) my wife and I were visiting one of our favorite shops in Boscobel, Wisconsin only twelve miles away. The shops name is Classic Reruns, one of those unique shops selling all sorts of 'upscale resale'. I found myself standing in front of an original oil painting depicting a pleasing farm scene with barns and a fencerow extending out toward the viewer. In the background, to the upper left of the barn disguised by the morning mist are six Canada geese. The oil had been framed with acid free mats under glass . My first impression (professional) was one of approval and my eye traveled to the lower right corner to see who did the piece. The signature was Riddet with an accent mark over the 'e'. I called my wife over to get her opinion of the piece and after giving an approving comment she saw the signature.  I explained that this was the way I signed my originals between 1966-69 on the advice of a history professor who thought Riddet may have originally been a French name and by using an accent mark might increase sales. He may have been right. Needless to say, we purchased the piece. In my studio the painting was unframed and, as expected, it was painted on a Craftint all purpose canvas panel. Craftint brand was a lot cheaper than Grumbacher boards back in the 60's. and a heck of a lot cheaper than stretched canvas.

This piece was painted at a time when I was getting serious or at least dreaming about painting for a living. In those days, the works of well established painters...Andrew Wyeth, John Audubon, Charles Vickery and Eric Sloane among others were shaping my direction in art and I must thank these gentlemen for their inspiration.

I thought it would be acceptable and hope that you agree with my listing this old work as a 'new' piece after all these years. I look forward to my next find.

"Confessions of a Young Birder"  

This piece evolved over several years (long term project) as it is a very personal painting. It deals with my early life ca.1953 as a young lad in England . Somewhat large and time consuming for one of my works, measuring 30" x 40", the background for this collection of diverse items is actually the back of a 19th century door in our bathroom. The door was removed and relocated to my studio during the early stage of the painting process. Thankfully, the only guests we had were close friends, so they understood (sort of).  One advantage of the missing bathroom door was a great view through the library and out to a wooded valley.

Confessions of a Young Birder
Acrylic on Hardboard. Size: 30" x 40" This Piece is Available

Acrylic on board Size 22" x 28" Original is available

Acrylic on Gessoed Panel. Size 8" x 12"